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[ picture of black taekwondo belt ]

The interpretation of the belt colors, which follows, is but one of many possible meanings.

The BLACK belt signifies the mature plant, a plant that continues to mature with age. The student exhibits honor and respect. This is the final stage that combines the colors of all previous belts to form one unchangable cloth. Regardless of any color added at this point, there will not be a change in color nor an improvement in technique. At this stage, the student begins again, the end of the beginning, that has no end once becoming a BLACK belt. The BLACK belt also signifies higher rank and the beginning of a new path, one of mastering the ranks of BLACK belt. Continue to exhibit flawless self-control, remain deeply rooted into the Art, continue to plant new seeds that should also take root and begin to spring forth as BLACK belt achievers, and as a BLACK belt, you "will" continue to grow in wisdom, grow physically, fine tune mental awareness, grow more knowledgeable, learn what it means to wear the BLACK belt, another step closer to the beginning, achieving BLACK Belt Excellence.

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