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When I say no foul language or profanity, I mean words like, got-dammit, shit, bitch, bastard, asshole, son-of-a-bitch, cunt, dick-head, pussy, bullshit, ho. Basically, these are all of the words that can be considered as foul or profane:

Having said that, I would now like to mention one other word that we find of great interest, in respect to the English language; it has magical powers just by its sound alone, [ FUCK ]. Fuck has the power to shock a person, intimidate, anger, encourage, con. There are many more uses for fuck, again, all have to do with emotion or the lack there of, which is not a thing that can exist [ lack of emotion ]. Sure, one may shelter emotion, but one cannot not have emotional content. It is a part of life.

I intend to show that this word is not a foul or profane word as some may think. On the contrary, it shows pain, pleasure, love [ for those who choose to say: make love ], hate, fear, etc. Fuck is a word that shows many facets of emotion. Emotion drives the human mind, body and spirit, regardless of what the majority might think.

I will name a few uses to show that this word is one of the most widely used in the English language today. Fuck, as many other words in the English language can be used as an adverb, transitive verb, intransitive verb, noun or adjective.

Fuck is a word that will not have an equal. There are no other words from the English language that harvests as much power or demands as much respect when used.

Fuck is not always sexual in nature. I believe that most people confuse Love with sex when they say: "hey babe, let's make love." The fact is that when this connection occurs, it is simply fucking [ the act of sexual intercourse ] and nothing more. Yes, I do understand that many women would prefer the gentler sound of "make love." Mind you that love does not have to present itself for two people to fuck. Love is an emotion that is learned, and fucking is a physical act that is naturally performed (some might need to learn how-to-fuck). There is no way possible in this dimension or any other, for any two people to make a thing called Love; however, they can fuck. So, say it for what it is, fucking.

Let the fucking list begin.
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