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Credits Page

I would like to extend Credit to the following people and sources. I would also like to take this time now to apologize to anyone left from this list:

~Main Credits~

Credit Screen Script Creator: Website Abstraction -

Website Operator, Designer, WebMaster: Milous Temple Jr. -, or

HTML Instructions: Laura Lemay, "Teach Yourself Web Publishing with HTML 4 in 21 Days" Indianapolis. Sams, 1998.

HTML Instructions: HTML Goodies Tutorial:

DHTML Dragable Images:

DHTML Splash Screen:

~Script Credits~


Calorie Counter:

Download Calculator:

Expanding Text:

Mouse Fireworks:

Name Writer:

Random Background Color:

Dynamic Clock: Craig Lumley -

Search Engine:

Login Password:

~Personal Critics Credits~

Dynamic Overlay: Sandra Temple

Various ways to improve your site: Sandra, Marcus and Darrell Temple

Just wanted to say that your site is good: Classmates - RHETORIC 5346/01 - Spring 2000 - Thank you all

Welcome to the Web: Myra Cross - Gracias

Using Your Creative Side: Sandra Temple

Keeping it Fun: Marcus and Darrell Temple

Dynamic Website: All Guest who visit this Site - Thank you in advance for visiting my site

~Misc Credits~

Writing on the Web Instructor: Dr. Julia Ferganchick Neufang -

Comp II, Technical Writing, Persuasive Writing and Writing for Business and Government Instructor: Dr. Huey D. Crisp -

Technical Style and Editing: Dr. Barry Maid - UALR Rhetoric and Writing Department

Continued Personal Support: Dr. Sally C. Crisp -

Continued Personal Support: Professor Allyson D. Holland -

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