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My Midis Collection[picture of a music speaker] [ picture of logo TKOL inside open hands ]

My collection of midi sounds. . .no particular order. . .take a listen to some of them and grab what you want. . .

Thank you for visiting my Kool Page. . .

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50 ways to leave your lover - 37.2kb
addams family - 2.87kb
achy breaky heart - 38.2kb
africa - 71.1kb
aint nobody - 46.6kb
alf - 8.47kb
arkansas traveler - 36.3kb
another one bites the dust - 24.9kb
back in the saddle again - 33.2kb
bad bad leroy brown - 37.5kb
between the sheets - 36.8kb
beverly hills cop1 - 24.7kb
beverly hillbillies - 12.8kb
bad mama jama - 36.2kb
blues brothers - 39.8kb
boogie nights - 29.8kb
boogie on reggae woman - 82.1kb
boy from new york city - 32.7kb
can't touch this - 33.2kb
california girls - 41.2kb
can't buy me love - 29.8kb
carribean queen - 23.5kb
chariots of fire - 44.8kb
change the world - 95.8kb
come on eileen - 66.5kb
crossroads - 29.9kb
cut the cake - 49.8kb
convoy - 42.9kb
dancing in the street - 42.5kb
dazz - 76.8kb
da dip - 17.2kb
dead man - 64.8kb
dixie - 16.2kb
don't look any further - 41kb
desperado - 15.6kb
don't mess around with jim - 49.5kb
down on the corner - 28.7kb
dust in the wind - 20.7kb
dueling banjos - 18.9kb
electric avenue - 14.4kb
eye of the tiger - 39.1kb
fire - 22.5kb
foggy mountain breakdown - 47.1kb
fantastic voyage1 - 63.6kb
fantastic voyage2 - 63.6kb
flintstones - 21.7kb
fifth of bethoveen - 18.7kb
fight for your right to party - 22.3kb
fresh - 27.8kb
funky town - 46.1kb
give me one reason - 52.1kb
green acres - 15.2kb
g_thang - 27.9kb
gangsta paradise - 24.2kb
ghost busters - 26.5kb
give me the night - 52.5kb
get_smart - 6.94kb
gilligan's_island_theme - 20.5kb
godfather - 15.4kb
golden_eye - 27.4kb
good vibrations - 39.6kb
good times - 86.2kb
gonna make you sweat - 58kb
hard days night - 46.6kb
hawaii50 - 21.3kb
hello dolly - kb
hip hugger - 25.9kb
hit me with your best shot - 93.7kb
how deep is your love - 44.3kb
higher and higher - 43.6kb
I'll be there - 46.1kb
isn't she lovely - 63.1kb
I believe I can fly - 30.6kb
I got 5 on it - 38.1kb
I heard it through the grapevine - 27.3kb
I still haven't found - 55.5kb
it's not right but it's ok - 25.3kb
if you happy and you know it - 9.97kb
I dream of jeanie - 17.3kb
ice ice baby - 4.02kb
I dig rock n roll - 29.7kb
I'm your boogie man - 100kb
I will survive - 65.5kb
jaws - 8.54kb
james bond - 25.4kb
jammin - 51.9kb
jive talkin - 43.8kb
johnny b goode - 39.8kb
just the two of us - 71kb
kawliga - 26.4kb
keep it comin love - 72.3kb
kiss and say goodbye - 45.6kb
land down under - 55kb
lady marmalade - 35.1kb
le freak - 61.8kb
let's dance - 42.1kb
look into my eyes - 24.6kb
lean on me - 21kb
lion king - 26.7kb
love rollercoaster - 21.4kb
little darlin pal of mine - 45.5kb
lone ranger - 26.7kb
looney tunes - 2.83kb
lover boy - 30.9kb
mash - 2.71kb
mary had a little lamb - 6.19kb
master blaster jammin - 43.5kb
married with children - 2.82kb
meet the flintstones - 35.8kb
miami vice - 35.3kb
manic depression - 28.2kb
monday monday - 28.4kb
monty python flying circus - 28.7kb
mole1 - 38.7kb
mole2 - 69.8kb
mortal kombat1 - 35.3kb
mission impossible - 37.6kb
mountain dew - 23.1kb
munsters - 31.5kb
muppet show - 12.9kb
my girl - 26.1kb
naked gun - 13.8kb
no diggity - 16.8kb
nothin from nothin - 39.4kb
odd couple - 19.6kb
old macdonald - 5.99kb
on broadway - 48.5kb
old joe clark - 12.7kb
one of these nites - 63.3kb
on and on - 61.8kb
opus27 - 8.01kb
on the road again - 40.4kb
pink panther - 55.1kb
peanuts - 20.3kb
pick up the pieces - 46kb
papa don't preach - 39.6kb
pink panther2 - 55.1kb
pink panther3 - 5.38kb
papa was a rolling stone - 62.3kb
play that funky music - 35.2kb
proud mary - 133kb
ready or not - 20kb
regulate - 45.5kb
ride like the wind - 46.1kb
rock with you - 36.1kb
rubberband man - 79.1kb
rock n roll music - 24.9kb
rock the boat - 45.2kb
roll over beethoven - 40.2kb
sesame street - 7.51kb
sally goodin - 14.9kb
salty dog - 25.9kb
see you when you get there - 21kb
sexual healing - 55.2kb
shaft - 74.1kb
sharp dressed man - 21.5kb
slip sliding away - 22.7kb
shining star - 2.83kb
shout - 90.4kb
sir duke - 61.6kb
smooth criminal - 38.4kb
sitting on the dock of the bay - 14.7kb
simpsons theme - 17.7kb
some where over the rainbow - 5.1kb
sock it to me - 41.1kb
star trek - 10.7kb
stayin alive - 105kb
summer breeze - 37kb
surfer girl - 46.9kb
surfin safari - 42.8kb
shake your booty - 63.6kb
sweet home alabama - 39.9kb
she blinded me with science - 26.8kb
tiny toons - 7.57kb
that's the way I like it - 85.7kb
take on me - 33.9kb
take this job and shove it - 49.4kb
take a bow - 27.8kb
tennessee waltz - 20.9kb
terminator2 - 14.2kb
the entertainer - 13.7kb
the thrill is gone - 35.8kb
the train - 40kb
that's the way love goes - 49kb
try again - 38.2kb
think - 89.7kb
thriller1 - 24.3kb
thriller2 - 90kb
tom and jerry - 26.7kb
turn your love around - 30.9kb
unbreak my heart - 34.3kb
venus banana - 70.8kb
voodoo child - 70.6kb
waterfalls - 49.4kb
walk of life - 46.8kb
waterfalls - 63.8kb
walk like an egyptian - 67kb
when doves cry - 29.5kb
what'd I say - 51.9kb
what a wonderful world - 25.2kb
will it go round in circles - 51.9kb
wabash cannonball - 28.7kb
wild wild west - 31.8kb
westend - 42.7kb
whoomp - 36.8kb
wind beneath my wings - 40.3kb
yellow rose of texas - 11.2kb
yellow submarine - 17.7kb
you should be dancin - 58.5kb
your cheatin heart - 24.2kb
you sexy thing - 36.2kb

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