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One thing for sure: if you follow these 10 Commandments, rules, you will definitely be miserable. Sometimes we allow these Commandments to control our lives and wonder, "why am I always so miserable?" Read these, think them over, see if you have fallen victim to any of them.

1.  Thou shalt be liked by everybody for everything thou does or say.

2.  Thou cannot be happy unless everything is exactly the way thou want it to be.

3.  Accordingly all unhappiness thou suffers is always caused by external events or other people, and thou art only the victim.

4.  Also it is wiser for thou to avoid life's difficulties than to face them and deal with them.

5.  Thou should be thoroughly knowledgeable and competent in all situations or thou are a failure in life.

6.  Because a negative experience happened to thou at one time in thine life, Thou shall forever be defeated by it.

7.  Thou shall have certain and complete control over all people and events in thine life, or chaos will result.

8.  Thou shall put thine happiness and comfort at the top of thine priority list so as to live a fulfilled life.

9.  Thou shall compare and contrast thineself with other people so as to know if thou are successful or not.

10.  Thou shall have certainty of success before thou ever attempt anything.

What is the connection with these 10 Commandments, rules, and martial arts? Well, success or failure in the martial arts as in life is mostly determined by ones attitude, the decisions made and an uncontrollable amount of time needed to attain success or lack thereof, with respect to attitude and correct decisions, to facilitate failure [ time is always an uncontrollable factor ]. With the right attitude, correctly made decisions and a proportion of time, one can accomplish anything.

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