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These rules were devised with the idea of running my own Dojo. I am sure that other Dojos have specific rules as well. The Dojo that I currently train in has some of these rules.

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1.  Sensei is always right.

2.  If you have any questions about rule 1, refer back to rule one.

3.  Always address the instructors and assistants by their respective titles [ Sir, Ma'am, O'sensei plus last name, Sensei plus last name, Sifu plus last name, Shihan plus last name, Sempai plus last name, Master plus last name ].

4.  Under no circumstance is roughhousing or goofing off permitted in the Dojo [ training hall ].

5.  Foul language, profanity, is not permitted in the Dojo.

6.  Students should go through the chain of command [ higher ranking students ] before directly addressing a Black Belt.

7.  During class time, talking should be controlled.

8.  Uniforms must be washed and pressed after each training session, and personal hygiene should be maintained to avoid foul odors in class.

9.  All Students must show proper respect for instructors and higher ranking students.

10.  When instructor enters room, highest ranking member will give the command to come to attention, then will say Koung Yet [ bow ].

11.  Always, when entering a door at same time, allow instructor to enter first.

12.  Always bow when an instructor addresses you personally.

13.  At no time will outside shoes be worn on the Dojo floor.

14.  All students should learn and follow proper bowing procedure.

15.  No gum chewing is allowed in the Dojo.

16.  Do not wear jewelry during practice.

17.  Keep fingernails and toenails cut.

18.  No smoking, drinking or eating is allowed in or around any training area. This can affect your breathing while training.

19.  Bow before entering and leaving the Dojo.

20.  Beepers and cellular phones must be put on vibrate or turned off during class. Concentration is essential in martial arts training.

21.  Bow to your instructors and classmates when they enter the Dojo and before leaving the Dojo as a gesture of respect.

22.  Arrive 10 to 15 minutes early for class to get an early start on stretching.

23.  Before practice do not drink alcohol, smoke or use illegal drugs. This can affect your breathing while training.

24.  Always turn away from the instructor when straightening your uniform.

25.  Do not train on a full or empty stomach. Wait at least 1 hour after a meal before training. This may cause cramps.

26.  Do not sit down or drink water while you are breathing heavily from exertion. Sip water slowly until your breathing returns to normal.

27.  Do not hit any bag until you are taught the proper techniques.

28.  Unless you have been properly trained with weapons by the head instructor or any of the other qualified instructors, do not touch any weapons on the weapons rack or any other weapons at the school without permission from the head instructor or any other qualified instructor. If you want to use a classmate's weapon, be sure to get his or her permission before using it.

29.  If you are feeling ill during class, walk in the direction of an instructor and bow, then inform them of your illness and be formally dismissed from class.

30.  If you are sick with the flu or any other viral illness, do not come to class. Call the office to inform the instructor about your absence.

31.  Theft will not be tolerated, ever.

32.  Remember, your word as a martial artist is like super glue, stick to it.

33.  Talking about your fellow classmates, whether you are inside or outside school, will not be tolerated. Help to lift each other, not tear each other down.

34.  Take pride in your Dojo by keeping it clean, your help is always needed and appreciated.

35.  Do not provoke violence or encourage it among others, try to walk away or avoid it.

36.  All tuition's are due on the 25th of each month. You have a 5 day grace period after the 25th before your payment is late, after that a $25.00 late fee will be added. You are welcome to make your tuition payments 5 days ahead of time.

37.  As you advance in rank and knowledge, help those below you to advance in rank and knowledge.

38.  Take care at all times to avoid injury to yourself, fellow students and instructors during practice.

39.  You agree not to hold this institution/association and any persons concerned responsible in the event of personal injury resulting from lessons or practice.

40.  When lining up, hurry and run to your position in line.

41.  Never teach a technique to a lower student without getting the instructors permission.

42.  Never do anything to dishonor your school or instructor.

43.  when shaking hands, use both hands during the handshake.

44.  If arriving late, you must stand at the edge of the training area or door until the instructor acknowledges you and bows you in.

45.  You agree to relinquish the right to all pictures and films used in promotional advertising pertaining to training in this Dojo.

46.  If you have any more questions about what is required, reread these rules then see rules 1 and 2.

Any who violate these rules will be asked to leave the Dojo. Do not be one of them. The only second chance that you will receive is not getting caught the first time.

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