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There are two methods of tying your belt, depending on the dojo rules. The first is the Karate method and the second is the TaeKwonDo method.


1.  Find the center of your belt and place it across the center of your stomach.

2.  Take both ends behind your back.

3.  Take the end in your right hand and place it under the end in your left hand.

4.  Bring both ends to the front.

5.  Take the end in your right hand and place it under and over both strands on your left side.

6.  Make sure both ends match in length.

7.  Take the end in your left hand over the end in your right hand.

8.  Pull tightly. You have successfully tied your belt.

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1.  Hold the belt in your right hand, about 12-18 inches from the end.

2.  Put the belt against your right hip, with the short end behind you.

3.  Wrap the long end of the belt around your waist 2 times [ wrapping it over the short end ].

4.  Take the end of the belt which you just wrapped around and slide it under and pull it over both layers of belt .

5.  Take the belt end on the right side, the 12-18 inch end, pulling it from underneath the two layers and place it next to the left end, checking for length, [ both ends should have the same length at this point ] You may have to twist the belt toward the left hip to align it properly.

6.  Put the right end under the left end, and through the loop created.

7.  Pull both ends of the belt to tighten [ pulling the right end with your left hand and the left end with your right hand ].

8.  You have successfully tied your belt.

Always check with your instructor; there might be a specific way to tie your belt.

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