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I come to you with only Tae Kwon Do, my empty hands and feet. I have no weapons, but should I be forced to defend myself, my honor or my principals, should it be a matter of life or death, of right or wrong, then here are my weapons my empty hands and feet.

I am designing 8 Katas [ palgwe, poomse ] based on the training that I have had thus far. I have also given each Kata a specific name.

I was told that down the road, each of us will have to design our own Katas, probably when we reach the level of Black Belt.

Please do take a look at them. If they are some that you may want to use, go ahead and be my guest.

I feel that these katas will be very effective when face to face with an actual attacker or multiple attackers, or they could be useful when in competition.

Thus far, I have only designed 6 katas. I will design the other 2 in the near future.

Please note that I have combined another form of martial arts to some of these Katas [ kung fu ].

These steps are executed in rapid succession.

If you find that some of these patterns are fun, and that you find yourself connecting to a favorite, drop me a line. I will be thankful.

Yuen Fwa "The Journery" is titled as such because it is the beginning of my journey through the Martial Arts, a long and hard journey; the beginning of the end which has no end.

Mao Ying "Dream Catcher" is titled as such because of the dream that I have to one day become a Master in Martial Arts. The road that I travel is but a "Dream Catcher", a road that is bumpy and with a lot of twists and turns.

Shien Kiem "Mystery of Power" is titled as such because all forms of the Martial Arts contain power, some might say that they know what or where it comes from, but the fact is that this power is but a mystery hidden within the shadows of the light which one seeks to find.

Yang Sze "Time Standing Still" is titled as such because of the time that it takes to reach Black Belt Excellence; it almost feels as if time is standing still. The hard training, bumps and bruises seem as if they will never end, which they do not. It will take a life time to try to reach Black Belt Excellence. As we move along a little bit at a time, time continues to move slightly slower than we want it to.

Hanz Loa "Returning Home" is titled as such because of the long hard journey toward Black Belt Excellence, allows me another goal to reach, the return home, a long, winding journey, to where I began, only to begin again. A mental journey, a physical journey and a spiritual journey for all those who are returning home, where time is the keeper of the gate of fulfillment.

Tung Yuk [ pronounced toong ] "Warrior Within" is titled as such because each Martial Arts practitioner has a warrior within, the unstoppable spirit. Our job is to maintain this warrior within by continuing to develop into the best Martial Artist that we can be. This is to say that we must continue to develop the mind, body and unstoppable spirit.

Him Eloh "Heaven Awaits" is titled as such because of the continued forward momentum of the Martial Artist toward rest, the state of total self-control, fully developed mind, body and unstoppable spirit. Rest is contained within self. Once the Martial Artist has finally reached the rank of 1st Dan, the Martial Artist will then know the meaning of Heaven Awaits because it is a thing that has no end as the training in any Art has no end, only a beginning toward an end that is not.

Tang Injo [ pronounced taang ] "Spring Awakening" is titled as such because the Martial Artist is likened to a freshly planted garden of flowers and trees that wait for the sun and water to spring into being a mature plant. The Martial Artist is waiting for knowledge [ sun and water ] so that the growth may begin. Until one fully commits to the training, only sprinkling of water and small rays of sunshine will aide in the minimal growth of the Martial Artist. Awake and grow into that matured plant.

Yuen Fwa Mao Ying Shin Kiem Yang Sze
Hanz Loa Tung Yuk Him Eloh Tang Injo

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