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These are general terms that you might here in the Dojo, learn them as soon as possible. Some or all of these terms may be spelled incorrectly, depending upon which book is used to look them up. The important thing is that they are pronounced correctly. I will add more terms periodically.

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Term Pronounciation Meaning
Choonbi Joon Bee Ready position
Cha Ryut Chariot Attention
Koung Yet Kung Yet Bow
Dehryun Jaseh Day Ha Run Ja Say Sparring stance
Chun-gool Jaseh Chun Gool Ja Say Front stance
Kee-mah Jaseh Key Ma Ja Say Horse-back stance
Hoo-gool Jaseh Who Gool Ja Say Cat stance
Deo Dora Dee Oh Dora Look and turn around
Ba Ro Ba Row Return to ready position
Hah-dan Makgi High Don Makki Down defense
Sahng-dan Makgi Sun Don Makki Upper defense
Anuro Makgi Ah Newro Makki Inside defense
Pakuro Makgi Pa kurro Makki Outside defense
Ki-yap Key Yap Yell
Choong-dan Yup Makgi Chung Don Yup Makki Side middle defense
Hah-dan Sudo High Don Sue Doe Knife-hand down defense
Choong-dan Sudo Chung Don Sue Doe Knife-hand middle defense
Hah-dan Sangsu High Don Sang Sue Double down defense
Choong-dan Sangsu Chung Don Sang Sue Double middle defense
Choong-dan Kongkyuk Chung Don Kung Yuck Middle punch
Sahng-dan Kongkyuk Sun Don Kung Yuck High punch
Sudo Kongkyuk Sue Doe kung Yuck Knife-hand attack
Hoeng Jen Wang Gin Middle punch in side stance
Ahp-budo Ohligi Up Boo Doe O Liggie Front leg stretch kick
Ahp Chagi Up Cha Gey Front kick
Yup Chagi Yop Cha Gey Side kick
Tollyur Chagi Toe Lee Ur Cha Gey Round house kick
Di Chagi Dee Cha Gey Back kick
Naeryo chagi Naya Ree Oh Cha Gey Axe kick
Pyojeok chagi Pie Oh Jek Cha Gey Crescent kick
Gool-oh Ahp Chagi Gool Oh Up Cha Gey Slide front kick
Gool-oh Yup Chagi Gool Oh Yop Cha Gey Slide side kick
Gool-oh Tollyur Chagi Gool Oh Toe Lee Ur Cha Gey Slide round house kick
Got-jang jireugi Got Jang Jie Roo Gee Vertical fist punch
Deung joomok Dung Joo Mock Back-fist
Shi Oh She Oh Rest, relax

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