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This diet plan will work without a doubt. It depends on how serious YOU are.

Everyone who tries this plan will find that it will not starve them to just skin and bones like some of the other plans. This plan will allow you to eat what you like, in a sense.

All you have to do is continue with it and you will see the difference in about 30 days.

You will lose at least 10 pounds within those 30 days.

I am not a doctor but I do know that this plan works. My wife was one of the people who experienced with the plan and she lost the 10 pounds which I mentioned above. There was also her best friend, she tried the plan and it worked for her as well. My wife is no longer on the plan because I am going to school. She wants me to prepare all the meals for her and I will but I can't do it at this time.

Like any other diet plan, if you discontinue using it, you will regain the weight which was lost.

I do not have any testimonials other than the two people whom I have mentioned above. You will just have to take my word as being the truth about the plan.

I have no earthly reason to lie to anybody who is trying or who wants to lose weight without starving.

The next important thing, do some type of exercise each day. This will help in the weight loss process. Exercise comes in many shapes and sizes. I mean that there are many types of exercises which the dieter can do. Try to do a variety of exercises.

Please consult with your doctor before attempting to do any strenuous exercise program. Safety first.

You can lose the amount of weight which is desired but you must be committed to the plan, totally.

Please e-mail me if you have any questions about this plan and if you want to know how to obtain the7 Day Diet . Only serious inquiries please.

Note: You must supply a name and e-mail address to receive this diet plan. The plan is only a menu of items to be purchased and eaten as supplements toward losing weight.

Please do not distribute this plan to anyone. If you know of anyone interested in a plan, please direct them to Mysterious Milous' Home Page. Let each get his/her own.


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